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Independent 3rd Party Audit Requirements in Settlements; EPA Proposes to Phase Out Perc Use in Dry Cleaning; Federal Brownfields Grants for Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina

July 2023

Process Intensification

June 2023

Lockout-Tagout; EJ & Release Reporting; Georgia OSAH Update

May 2023

Focus on Vapor Intrusion

April 2023

Criminal Enforcement, Voluntary Self-Disclosure & EJ; HazWaste Enforcement in S.C. in 2022

March 2023

ESG & the Annual Reporting Season

January 2023

The Year in Review 2022

December 2022

Process Safety, Natural Hazards & Power Loss; RAGAGEP's Expanded Role; Finding Balance Again

October 2022

New PFAS Standards for NC; Withdrawal of the Phase I Rule; More on TRI and EPA's Audit Policy

August 2022

New PFAS Health Advisories; an Intro to FUSRAP; GA EPD's Industrial Stormwater General Permit

July 2022

Continuous Releases; EJ Enforcement at DOJ

June 2022

Chemical Screening - Design & Implementation/Risk Assessment Tools for a Regulatory Environment

Presentation by Daniel J. Brown & Stephen B. Ellingson, Ph.D. to the American Society of Quality - Greater Atlanta Section - April 28, 2022

April 2022

Proposition 65 Update; EHS Professionals Working with the Finance & Accounting Function

February 2022

Presentation by Daniel J. Brown to the Association of Georgia Real Estate Exchangers (AGREE) - January 20, 2022

January 2022

The Revised Phase I Standard, Dry Cleaners, & VI; TRI for Commercial Sterilization Operations

January 2022

Happy Holidays!! - PFAS, Hazardous Waste & Taxes; What to Look Out for in 2022

December 2021

ESG Disclosures; PFAS, TRI Reporting, & Defense Authorization Spending

October 2021

Environmental Insurance

September 2021

Focus on Regulation of Process Safety

August 2021

Climate Change & Federal Contractors; Federally Permitted Releases; More on EJ Enforcement

July 2021

Environmental Justice Enforcement; TRI Compliance and EPA's Audit Policy

June 2021

PFAS Formulators; OSHA COVID-19 Guidance; a Climate Change Decision from Germany 

May 2021

April 2021

EPA's Industrial Stormwater General Permit; the SEC Tackles ESG and Climate Change 

April 2021

March 2021

Updated Audit Policy Guidance; 1,4-Dioxane; Providing Assurances

Providing Assurances: Tying Up Loose Ends

March 2021

Providing Assurances: Letters of Credit

March 2021

Providing Assurances: What Is Financial Assurance?  And Why Should I Care About It?

March 2021

The Cubical: Inaugural Edition

New Climate Change Executive Order; Finding Balance; OSHA's General Duty Clause

February 2021

New Administration Readiness Check-up: Finding Balance

January 2021

New Administration Readiness Check-up: Compliance Audit Programs


New Administration Readiness Check-up: Compliance Inspections


Recent Updates to OSHA COVID-19 Guidance Signals Shift in Enforcement Approach




COVID-19 & Business Interruption Coverage: One Risk Manager's Perspective


Chemical Safety Board Proposes New Accidental Release Reporting Rule


Governing Body for Competitive Skiing Moves to Ban PFAS-Containing Ski Waxes 


CSB Issues Factual Update Concerning June 21st Fire and Explosion Event at PES Refinery in Philadelphia, PA


Quick Take - Comment Period for LDEQ's Voluntary Compliance Audit Program Study Closes


Comply First, Challenge Later: The Sterigenics Affair and Facility Shutdown Orders​


Down the Drain: EPA's "Sewering Prohibition" Is Right Around the Corner



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